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Tantric Arts and Sacred Sexuality.

From 04/08 at 7:00 p.m. to 04/12 at 5:00 p.m.

Basque Country - Spain.

Con Pushan Govind y Sarani Vilionyte


(Keys for a conscious sexuality)

One of the biggest challenges of the modern society regarding to our relationships is how to open up to intimacy and to vulnerability as a way to access to a healthy sexuality and to a healthy relationships.

This retreat is a clear invitation for us to give ourselves that opportunity and return to live from the essence.


Do you want to join us?

General Text

This experience



your life

Revolutionary methods in the field of psycho body therapy will support us in this journey of transformation.

●Diamond Breath technics (tantric breath),


●creative expression,

●emotional release,

●trauma release exercises,

●tantric meditations and rituals,

●conscious movement,

●healing touch and rol play.


What about this retreat?

In this 5 days seminar, we will focus on creating a safe, protective and supportive space to open up to intimacy . We will use ancient tantric keys and experiment with different techniques and methods to help us to remove the tensions of the past and reconnect with our true nature to have a more connected and happier life.

You will explore:

How to create a safety space to expand into intimacy.

To explore sensuality through open breath and bringing energy up and through the whole body rather than concentrating only on genital stimulation.

You will experience what it means to be in your heart versus in your minds and the euphoria of connecting with your life energy.

How to reconnect with your inner qualities that are contained in your heart as your birth right.

You will explore

Daily schedule:

(on 08/04 we started at 7pm)

- 08:00 Meditation.

- 09:00: breakfast.

- 10:30: 1st session of the day.

- 13:30: Lunch.

- 15:30: 2st session of the day.

- 20h: Dinner.

- 21h30: Night session. 

* The content of the sessions contains the tantric tools mentioned in the paragraph above.

** The schedule is subject to change according to the needs of the group.


Amalurra - Basque Country

Amalurra, "Mother Earth" in Basque, is the name of a community project that was born in the early 90s as a result of a desire to live in community and in contact with nature.


Today it is a sustainable hotel complex of high human and gastronomic quality in which we will have the opportunity to connect with the most beautiful nature and develop a deep work to reconnect with our essence and sacred sexuality.


We are 40 minutes from Bilbao, 40 minutes from Loiu airport and 4 hours from Madrid.




Shey Jalal

work team
DSC_3041 (1).jpg

Sarani Vilionyte


Pushan Govind

Single room

Single use room with private bathroom in hotel or apartment, full board vegetarian food and all workshops and retreat activities are included.




Double room with private bathroom in hotel or apartment, full board vegetarian food and all workshops and retreat activities are included



Accommodation in a hostel or cabin with shared non-mixed bathroom, full board vegetarian food and all workshops and retreat activities are included.


Book now

€ 100 DISCOUNT UNTIL 08/03 !!

To reserve your place it is essential to make an income of € 150. The rest will be paid the same day of withdrawal.


* Note: in case of cancellation the amount of the reservation will not be returned, it will be saved as a signal for future meetings during 2020.


Tel: +34 665 332 306

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