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Pushan Govind


Born in 1967, from an early age he shows his communicative, curious, jovial, adventurous and helping nature to others.

With a seemingly successful life in which it covers family and social expectations, an era begins in which it suffers a deep personal, mental and spiritual personal crisis. This crisis leads him to question his life and then begins a personal and spiritual search in which he experiments with different techniques, traditions and methods.

Today Pushan is:

Therapist at the Osho Diamond Breath School at the international center for meditation and spiritual growth in Tuscany, Italy. He is the founder and facilitator of the men's group and the Training "The natural man Process" He is a counselor in Sexuality by Osho Multiversity. He is a counselor in relationships with Osho Multiversity. She is a certified practitioner of the Somatic Experience, Trauma Healing or Peter Levin. He is facilitator of the exercises of relaxation of the trauma and discharge of the tensions. He is an expert in Bioenergetics and character structures of Willem Reich and Alexander Lowen He has training in family constellations He has training in systemic trauma. He is a certified facilitator of Osho Active Meditations. He is facilitator of the Born Again meditative therapy process He is a facilitator of the No Mind meditative therapy process. He is facilitator of the “the tantra experience” training at the Tantra Arts School and meditation. Body worker in Ayurvedic massage Body worker and facilitator of Tantra healing touch massage. Currently continues to deepen with somatic touch, Sexuality, systemic trauma and breathing. He gives seminars, workshops and trainings in different countries: Italy, Poland, Russia, Serbia, Croatia, Greece Czechoslovakia, Lithuania, China, Canada and Spain.

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