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What is tantra?

Many people think of Tantra as an approach to sexuality and sensuality, yet Tantra is so much more than this--Tantra is a way of living with present totality. 

Living with present totality means full receptivity to yourself and acceptance of what is happening in your life. It is a way of experiencing life with all of your senses, taking in your surroundings while fully sensing your interior--your feelings, body sensations, and thoughts.


Tantra teaches us different techniques and methods to support us in our transformational journey. that we can reconnect with our inner qualities, with the natural flow of our life energy that we can life live in our full potencial.


Tantric breathing is a method that gives us emotional freedom, helps the healing of old memories and unconscious patterns, gives us a profound reconnection with our nature and the free expression of our sexual energy. 


In this 5 days seminar, we will focus on creating a safe, protective and supportive space to open up to intimacy . Using ancient tantric keys and experiment with different techniques and methods to help us to remove the tensions of the past and reconnect with our true nature.

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