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¿Why you should to come to our Tantra retreat for Easter?


One of the biggest challenges of the modern society regarding to our relationships is how to open up to intimacy and to vulnerability as a way to access to a healthy sexuality and to a healthy relationships.

The fear of being rejected, to been expose and to be seen in different aspects we want to hide are some of the reasons to avoid intimacy.


The result of avoiding openness and vulnerability is experience in many different ways that affects our psychology, our physiology and our spirituality.


Frustration, depression, lack of energy, insomnia and many other issues and illnesses are the symptoms of the lack of connection, contact, safety and love are the results of having closed our heart, suppressed our sexual energy and repressed our deepest feelings and emotions.

On the contrary, physical contact, social connection, security, feeling, heard, supported and loved as we are; they nourish our physical body, calm our mind and our nervous system and make us definitely connected to our true nature.

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