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What will I explore in this retreat?

  • How to create a safety space to expand into intimacy.

  • To trust again your sexual energy, clearing it up and how to share it in a more clear way.

  • Self love and healthy dynamics of relating.

  • The power of the conscious consent. A new way of meeting.

  • Different keys to open new doors to reconnect with your sexual energy.

  • How to reconnect with your inner qualities that are contained in your heart as your birth right.

  • To trust yourself again, to harmonize your mind, your soul and your body.

  • How to relax with others and create a new way to intimate.

  • To remain here and now, and to access blissful meditation space, rather than simply being a physical act. The joy of aloneness.

  • To explore sensuality through open breath and bringing energy up and through the whole body rather than concentrating only on genital stimulation.

  • We will understand how traumatic situations affect our life in this moment and how out of this past memories we have created a shield of protection that prevent us to be hurt.

  • We will experience what it means to be in our heart versus in our minds and the euphoria of connecting with our life energy.

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